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Keeping Tabs on the Wicked Witch of the West(ern Cape) or The Adventures of Helen Zille in Fair(y) Land….

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the dumbest, dumbest of them all ? or  The Wicked Witch and her  silly sins in Fairy Land.

14 May 2009

Helen Zille Wrong ChoiceNow, after having dragged the tone of politics in the country to new levels of  gutter trash,  and elected a cabinet for her new fairy land, Helen Zille has been upgraded from Snow White to the Wicked Witch of the West. And it appears she has her own 6 dwarfs to boot.

But wait, Zille Magic has more to offer, in a slight of hand, Super Zille has performed her greatest act of political magic yet, she has turned the DA into the NATS, overnight !!

Hey Presto !!

While the DA gasps its final liberal breaths, winded from the rapid about turn, its values whiplashed into submission, and its pedigree paralyzed from the neck down, half an eaten apple in it’s throat, Silly Zilly has launched her defence.

And it is indeed breathtaking.

Spin, be damned ! This  the new face of the politics of idiocy.

Consider her response on television last night, with a sort of rainbow cloth draped over her shoulders. Did she apologise for behaving like a spiteful child in our national media. Did she back track on her almost Pw Botha – esque cab


Not a chance in Fairy Land !!!

No, she blamed all this hoo ha on one thing, “Her sin.”

Yes, dear reader, she told us she was being punished for her “sin.”

After calling requirements for a representative cabinet “fig leaves” and promising to huff and puff and blow them away like the wolf in the Three Little Pigs, she announced the nature of her sin.

“Beating the ANC !”

Breathtaking.wicked witch of the western cape helen zille

This is how, our wolf in witches clothing justifies a return to Apartheid style governance mixed with gutter style polemic and damn right rudeness.


Helen Zille does a predictable about turn

16 April 2009

helen Zille DA DA helen zille helen zille

Oh yes, dear reader, Silly Zilly has had to revive the flagging DA campaign for your vote. Remember her promise that a vote of the DA is a vote to win the country.

Not anymore.

Now your vote will simply be, to stop Zuma.

Stop Zuma from what ?

Changing the constitution.

Oh really now.

Any evidence that he will be changing the constitution?

Nothing, just the usual supposition and swaart gevaar.

“If people do not unite behind the DA, Jacob Zuma may well secure the two-thirds majority he needs to unilaterally change the Constitution,” Zille said.

“The ANC already has plans to emasculate local governments led by the DA. And if the DA succeeds in its call for a judicial review of the NPA’s decision to withdraw charges against Zuma on 783 counts of corruption, then it is entirely predictable that Zuma’s ANC will change the Constitution to protect an incumbent president from facing corruption charges in court. But this can happen only if the ANC gets the two-thirds electoral majority it needs to change the Constitution.” Helen Zille News 24

So now, on the eve of the elections She launches her new campaign, hanging on a streetlight like a chimp.

She wants you to believe she has a hope in her court application, which of course she doesn’t.

And she has predicted the outcome.

Evil Zuma will eat the constitution.

And Super Zilly will stop him.

The point of the new DA – stop the vote for Zuma.

Haaibo ?


Abracadabra – The Zille Illusion- How to make your conundrum vanish.

zille helen zille helen zille da democratic alliance

Helen Zille has been promising something she simply can’t deliver. I know, she’s been doing a lot of that lately, but one particular growly thing comes to mind.

She is going to prosecute Zuma, by herself.

She sells this ladies and gentleman, as her constitutional duty, no less, as defender of the realm. But as you will already know, if you follow this blog, it’s an impossible promise.

The thing, dear reader, is that dippy Zilly knows this, or at least, after she promised it, her legal advisors pointed out that it was, technically, um, impossible.

Which leads to the Zille Conundrum.

How do you ensure that your voter wannabe, and the so called undecided voter, that supreme idiot, who after all these years has no idea who to vote for, does not get pissed off with you and commit the mortal sin of voting for JZ?

The answer dear reader, is a lesson in how politicians like Zilly don’t lie, they just embellish the truth.

After much gnashing of teeth, and frustration, the very devious Zille has come up with an elaborate illusion that would make David Copperfield proud.

It’s called, misdirection.

Keep looking here , and you miss what will happen there and het presto – a miracle, or at least absolution.

Not so fast Helen dear, I saw the Prestige.

Let me explain.

First you get the audiences attention:

Cape Town – Helen Zille, the leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, on Tuesday threatened to consider a private prosecution of ANC presidentJacob Zuma if the National Prosecuting Authority declines to act further against him – News24 – 6/09/2008 11:51 – (SA)

Now, you know its impossible, so,helen-zille helen zille zille watch helen zille

Secondly, you misdirect that attention:

This morning, on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, I filed an (urgent) application in the North Gauteng High Court for a judicial review of the decision by the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) to withdraw fraud, corruption, racketeering and money laundering charges against Jacob Zuma – Helen Zille – 07 Apr 09

Now, what you know, but the audience doesn’t, is that this is not the province of Judicial Review so you tell them

“ we need to do this first, so we can see if we have grounds”

And then, when the courts throw you out on your arse,as you expected, you feign shock …..horror….gasp !

All the while, you never have to answer why, you made such a ridiculous promise in the first place.

It’s Magic…..

Zille Magic.


Shock, Horror, and Gasp – Zille in shock after NPA withdraws Charges and promises to keep Chasing her nemesis.

7 April 2009

Cries of disappointment, shock, horror and gasp, must have been staple at Helen Zille’s headquarters yesterday, as the NPA withdrew charges against Zuma. After years of having only one real campaign, ” JZ is a crook, vote for me, I’m not”, I’m sure they were all very dejected in the Republic of Cape Town.

Silly Zille went on the offensive. Which was her best option, probably, offensive is what she is really good at.

First she wants judicial review.helenflag31

Then she wants a private prosecution.

Anything, I suppose to bolster her campaign.

Any port in a storm?

This private prosecution idea is simply put, nonsense.

Oh, it exists.

But it can only be pursued if the NPA authorizes it.

They won’t be doing that, will they now ?

And, even if they did, they would not turn over the case to Helen and her favorite Senior Counsel , Mr David Unterhalter SC.

Not a chance, she would have to do her own investigation, find her own evidence and go to court.

With specifics too, mind you. Not just hearsay, allegation and implication, the way she prosecutes in the media.

This is the big time Helen.

Good Luck.

Look on the bright side Zilly, if everything fails, you can always secede from the Nation.



Multilingual Zille, or how to Patronise an Afrikaner, DA style.

04 April 2009


When JZ was telling Afrikaners why he liked them, Silly Zille was quick to jump up and tell Afrikaners that they had been insulted and patronized.

Curiously she did not seem to grasp how telling Afrikaners what was insulting as well as patronising is about as patronising as one can get.

She stopped short of any insult, though, that is until tonight, where a cameo appearance on the Afrikaans news yelling again about her favorite topic, Jacob Zuma.

Here, dear reader, she stoops to new PR lows, even for her.

Frothing at the mouth and going on the offensive about the NPA dropping charges. You don’t even need to read between the lines, her accusations of undue and corrupt influence on the NPA are obvious.

But, and what a surprise, she speaks in Afrikaans, at a DA rally, and its on TV, all of a sudden.

Afrikaner Zille ?

Can you spell PR?

They certainly can at the DA.

Even if JZ beat them to it.

Watching Helen Zille, struggling through her Afrikaans speech, with her overtly Cape Town English accent rounding all the sharp sounds is amusing enough, not to mention this sudden rush to appeal to Afrikaners, that one bunch of whites she so desperately need, who may be voting for Zuma.

What Zille does not seem to appreciate, that when it comes to insults, her shocking Afrikaans is the real insult.

As is this belated attempt to foster appeal to them, really going to convince anyone.

Better speak English, and say what you mean, methinks.

Or learn to speak Afrikaans.

Oh yes, too busy learning Xhosa.

Perhaps instead of accusing Zuma of being insulting, she should watch the pathetic clip of herself

Its breathtakingly bad.

Sies Helen!


how dare you compliment my afrikaners jz?

03 April 2009

Divide and rule is the cry from Zille today, in a week where he has been very very quiet. Its typical of our tin pot Lady though. I’m sure she is very aware of how much she needs that vote in Cape Town.

Isn’t that the DA’s policy though, divide and rule?Helen Zille

Was it not Silly Zille herself claiming that by splitting the ANC with COPE, the DA could finally win.

Yes it was !

And today she’s blaming lack of service delivery in her own constituency on who?

The ANC.

Really now.

So now, she says, give us 50% of the vote in Western Cape, and we will deliver.

Rubbish man.

If you read the piece on JZ and the Afrikaner on this blog, you would know just why Helen is making these claims.

If, it was an insult, Helen, then why did they all stand and cheer?

Time is running out for Zille’s politics of idiocy.


Silly Zilly turns the lights off to save the Planet Earth, for an hour.

Speak no evil ?

Speak no evil ?

There are various blogs on the internet that masquerade as independent thought, but are in fact mouthpieces of the DA and their candidate emperor Zillewoman.

Take for example an innocuous and bland place called Ants world, that wants you to believe its about being South African, while secretly being yet another portal for someone on the payroll.

Ant regularly refers to the DA as “us” and “we”.

Ant is in charge of something at the DA.

I think its PR internet something or nothing.

He’s not very good though.

See for yourself at his very self indulgent blog ;http://antsworldsa.wordpress.com

And then there is Shedding Light.

A DA blog.

By the DA.

For the DA.

And currently showing a movie with Helen in the starring role.

Oh yes, she marches so efficiently into a building to do what?

Turn off the lights that light up Table Mountain.


For electricity conservation, and some twat about earth hour.

She does this to support energy conservation.

And after that hour.

They switch the lights back on.

Can’t let them tourists down now.

Now that’s commitment.

If Helen cared about the environment, as much as the aesthetics of Cape Town, she would decommission those lights.

Never !

Frauds, I say.

Have a look for yourself.


Yuck !


The premier, the mayor, the DA and the deep dishonesty of Zille.

24 March 2009

Helen Zille

Read my lips "lies lies and more lies"


Just exactly what is Slippery Zilly up to now?

I confess I have no idea what this latest fiasco is all about. It seems that Cope has taken our Tin Lady to task for not being on the parties list of candidates for premier.


Yes, truly, and the people at Cope had the following to say;

“Parties contesting the provincial elections must stop deceiving the voters by not declaring their premier candidates before the ballot,” said chairman of the party’s provincial interim leadership group.”


“We are left with only one conclusion that Mrs Zille is consciously or otherwise deliberately deceiving the electorate by pretending that she is the premier candidate when she is not.”

Fair enough !

What was the DA’s response?

That Helen Zille was in fact on the list, but under her maiden name.


Yip, as Helen Maree .

Now, let me get this straight.

Two names?


At the DA elections, any one see HELEN MAREE????

At the DA elections, any one see HELEN MAREE????

If the DA wins , Helen Zille is gone, and helloooo Helen Maree?

I smell a rat.

Dear Helen has been married for a Loooong time now.

Why her use of her maiden name?

Is she getting divorced ?

Or is this a trick by the oh so “transparent” DA. (excuse the pun )

What on earth is happening?

Things are getting strange in Zille Land.

Can you imagine if JZ appeared on a list sporting a pseudonym ?

Miss Zille, will you be making representations under your current or maiden name ?

Are you on any other party lists under any other aliases?

The country has a right to know.

Cope is right.

Such dishonesty!

The truth is simple:

The DA has been lying to you.

They know they can’t win.

Helen will never give up being mayor of Cape Town.


This smacks of the deepest dishonesty yet.

Sis Helen.

Then again, we expected as much.

PS why the media silence ?????

PS..it turns out Maree is not her maiden name, but her married name, which still does not clear up the issue.

Read all about it at http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=6&art_id=nw20090323154853415C911500

Helen Zille – The new upholder of the constitution.

23 March 2009

Now, Helen Zille wants to make representations regarding the Zuma Case to the NPA. What representations ? The act of making representations to the NPA is about legal issues in the matter at hand, and its for the parties involved. Is Zille part of this? Yes, she says. And why? Well that’s where it starts to get silly.

She feels that the DA and her, lets not forget her, are involved because of their duty to uphold the constitution.


The DA and Zilly are the protectors of the constitution now !

Of course, no one else could possibly be trusted to.

Since when did they get the duty to uphold the constitution?

Is she on the concourt?


Constitutional Court Judge Zille?

We are all required to uphold the constitution Silly Zilly. It does not mean that whenever the constitution is involved that your legal opinion is required.

Gosh ! By her logic, Silly Zilly will be able to make representations to the NPA on any case before it. Helen Zille.. coming soon to court room near you !

Prosecutor Zille – she will enforce law and order, and not even the law will stop her!!!

19 March 2009

With the shock news that the NPA may drop charges against Zuma, you can imagine the frothing at the mouth and gnashing of teeth that went on in the mayoral/election/army chambers of Herr Zille.

I’m sure she was screeching mad.

What is of interest however, beyond that, is how Silly Zilly reacted in public.

Remembering that Zille, like most, has never seen the NPA case, and has no idea of what evidence they had hoped to put before the court, along with no idea of the representations that have recently been made, as well as no knowledge of how or why the NPA might make such a decision or consider it, her response is astonishing.

She immediately alluded to it being a corrupt decision.

Not a scrap of evidence mind you, but then again, that’s our Zilly.

Of course for a party whose entire election campaign is based on “don’t vote for the crook.” The implications are great. However, the NPA has a legal right and duty to weigh the evidence.

And we all know how our new general fells about due process.

” No one is above the law !!”, she shrieked at us.

Except of course, her!

And her own pagad type vigilante group!

I’m not going to flog the very dead horse of Zille’s disregard for the law, yes she loves the part where people go to prison, she just can’t stand the parts about innocence presumptions and that pesky thing about evidence and her absolute hatred for freedom of expression.

I am, however going to consider her new career as prosecutor.






And now Prosecutor.

Judge .




Busy woman.

So, without having seen the evidence, and without any knowledge of why the charges may be withdrawn, Zille will take over the role of NDPP, and she wll prosecute the man.

Of course, the simple fact that she will need to get the NPA to agree with her for that is a major problem.

They are unlikely to grant her the necessary noli prosecui certificate.

Then again, perhaps she will just start her own Kangaroo court.

Zille roo?

Oh but of course, I forget, she can just call in the army.

Silly me.

The Zille Coup !

Zille convinces the Times that she is a General – and Boesak too ?

Wed 11 march 2009

The Zille Army, White, Right and not part of our Constitution

The Zille Army, White, Right and not part of our Constitution

An open note to The Times and Zille : “Duh!?! – you can’t call the army, retards.”

Boesak very correctly has taken issue with herr Zille das general.

Thanks for that.

Now the Times, which is usually almost OK, says Zille threatened to call in the army “ if there was any more violent protests from Taxis”


Not while I was watching.

Rubbish man!!!

She was calling the army, and there was no violent protest caveat!!!

Just who’s side is the times on ?


Zille cannot call in the army.

Have you all gone mad ?

Mayors don’t get to run the ARMY!!!!!!!


Am I alone out here?

According to the Times “Zille’s call appears to have been shelved, however, after a meeting with Western Cape premier Lynne Brown and security services last night. Brown said authorities had agreed that calling in the military would exacerbate tensions.”


Thank God?

Thank Zille ?

Exacerbate tensions ???

Really ?

Gee thanks!

Lets get this straight, just between us, Zille shelved her call to the army , so as not to exacerbate tensions?

Give me a break, she can’t call the army!!!!

Mad woman !!!

Mad paper!!!

Hopefully Zille is busy putting her copy of the Times where the sun don’t shine.

They belong together.

Is it just me, or do we South African deserve better?

Sies man!!!

I really can’t believe I have to write this.



And another word my mother won’t let me say.


The Zille Ultimatum : One Nation, One Future, One Army, One City, One Vote, One Mayor, One Presidency, One Transport System – All mine!

Helen Zille has a grand master plan for everything and now for transport in Cape Town. Called the Integrated Rapid Transport System, it proposes that all transport in Cape Town be centrally controlled.

Even private taxis.

Now, where have we heard that sort of thing before?

Not content with running buses and trains, Mrs Zille wants to run the taxi’s too. Taxi Boss Zille.

The Taxi Association wants none of it, it seems.

What does Zille want to do?

Negotiate? Never !

“We will call in the army!”, she cried.

Is she completely mad?

Has she become a General?

Is the army a ready tool for Mayors to nationalize private services?

What beggars belief is that General Zille claims that her new Soviet styled, fancy, centrally controlled transport system is constitutionally mandated.

Perhaps her back street botox dealer has injected too much.

It seems her cerebral cortex is paralysed.



Read all about it @ http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=181&art_id=vn20090310115045324C598521


The many spheres of Zille.


Mayor Zille

Two letters in the Sunday Times (1 March 2009) this week, it seems party members are unhappy with Lindiwe Mazibuko’s appointment.. Gavin Davis,chief of staff at the Despotic Alternative writes in defence of Zille. Guy Willoughby, once DA, has written to complain of Zille’s Cronyism, and what does Gavin Davis suggest in defence of his madam of the realm? Well, after calling Willoughby a disgruntled former employee, he marvels that he can “bite the hand that once fed him.” Indeed. It seems Zille’s DA is like the Scientologists. Don’t you dare question us. Does Gavin explain why DA voters are stuck with a pre-pubescent beginner like gushy Lindiwe? NO!

Vigilante Zille

Vigilante Zille

He thinks Lindiwe is an outstanding candidate. Obviously he hasn’t read her piece in the Daily News. In an intellectually astonishing twist, he suggests that the appointment of Lindiwe is evidence that the DA is not a white cabal. Yeah right! How dumb do the DA think we are? Not quite as dumb as Gavin and Lindiwe. Hilda Weber goes to great lengths in her letter to Guy Willoughby, to point out that Mrs Zille can’t be in parliament, she’s the mayor of Cape Town. She says “No one may be mayor and a member of parliament…they are two spheres of Government and you can’t belong to two spheres at the same time” eh? Tell that to Silly Zilly!

President Zille

President Zille

Vigilante Zille

Convict Zille

Mr Willoughby, there is another disgruntled former employee of the DA, I think his name is Tony Leon. Zille, proof that women can multitask better than men. Whatever we think of Zille, we admire her capacity to be so very very versatile. Jack of many trades, master of none. Or would that be madam? Who cares? Perhaps we all should.

Silly Zilly, lewd, loud, bitchy and uncut ?


Now you may think that our Lady Tin Pot Dictator wannabe, Mrs Zille, is at least a lady. And, yes, you guessed it, you’d be wrong. It appears that Zille is slugging it out with Malema. And badly too! Malema suggested that she looked like Michael Jackson in Drag. Hmm, I don’t think so, do you ? She looks like a slightly coked up Margret Thatcher, just not quite as sexy, anyone can see that. And no where near as clever, everyone knows that. Perhaps Juilius was referring to her penchant for cosmetic enhancement. What beggars belief is that she called him “Uyinkwenkwe!” Uncircumcised. In Xhosa. A language that Helen is a new student of. Just what exactly are they teaching her in Xhosa classes? I thought she was learning Xhosa to impress us. Not to talk dirty to Julius Malema! Uncircumcised? Really? How does she know ? Why does she care about Julius’s member? Sies man! Eish…toilet humour from the DA, Tony Leon must be getting heart burn. Which reminds me, wasn’t he Jewish? Yes, so he would look different from Julius, in the raw, that is. Perhaps thats what she meant. You are not like Tony Leon! Seriously though, the newly foul mouthed Silly Zilly has shown her metal here. Don’t mess with her, she will swear you, in Xhosa no less.

The Zille Response

The Zille Response

Zille Zille she’s our Man! If she can’t do it no-one can.


Lindiwe Mazibuko writes a column in today’s Views and Analysis section of the Daily News (Tues February 17th) about just how wonderful Mrs Zille is. How hard working, remarkable and tenacious.

Yes she tells us, even her Facebook friends agree, Helen Zille is indeed the bomb.

Gushing, and, “oohing”, and “ahhing” like a teenage girl at boy band concert, she leads us through, what can only be described as a sycophantic and pathetic homage, written with kindergarten skill.

And who is this child, you ask, well, none other than media officer for the Despotic Alternative.

A job she tells us she just walked into after her university career, spent glorifying Zille and mish mashing Tony Leon, who she calls strident and obsessed with opposition politics.

No matter, the glorious Helen will lead us to victory no doubt.

But, the real matter may have slipped past you when you read it,


“…this means that a …relative nobody like me can run for election alongside party stalwarts…with my skill set, like their experience,” she gushes.


Take that Helen Suzman !!


“…I look forward to having a part to play,” she delights.


Now there’s a thought!


Keep watching!!

A lightweight leader may be coming to your galaxy soon !


Zille, Zille, Quite Contrary, How does your Wind Blow ?


It seems that Super Silly Zille, unhappy with merely being in pictures, surrounded by willing and unwilling black people has slid to even new lows.

According to the Daily News February 16th , and on page three, at yet another re-launch of the Despotic Alternative, The Tin Lady, broke into song, a la African style.

Not just any songs mind you, adapted ANC struggle songs, in a public display of passing off that boggles the mind and aghasts the senses.

Not satisfied mind you, with poaching the ANC’s musical repertoire, it seems she broke into a song, in Afrikaans.



‘Struth !!!!

Despite her magnificent voice, the crowd declined to sing that one !!!

It seems even rent-a-crowds have conscience, occasionally.

Or was it just because her wind was blowing their way.

Next time the Tin Lady breaks wind, perhaps she should tone it down a bit!

Rest assured though, this blog will record each and every fart faux pas!!



Silly Zille, or Scary Zille ?

What the Police might look like in Zille's Nightmare Vision for SA

What the Police might look like in Zille's Nightmare Vision for SA?

If you were under the impression that our dim witted, super botoxed, mayor come president and karaoke superstar was just a harmless joke, let me introduce you to the Freedom of Expression Institute. fxi_mainheader2You’ve probably never heard of them, and, in truth neither had I until I googled “Helen Zille and Freedom of expression” It seems this little institue, which has only one goal, to preserve freedom of speech in South Africa, has a problem with the lack of freedom of expression in Cape Town. It came as a shock to me, living as I do in South Africa, under an ANC municipality, that my fellow countrymen in the Republic of Cape Town had been denied on a regular basis, the right to freedom of expression. Can this be ? Apparently so. Zille’s storm-troopers have been arresting people who exercise their constitutional rights. Right here in SA. and she’s not even Emperor yet. So serious is the repression in the Facist Town Council of Zille Land, that the FXI has written to their Top Stasi, Herr Zille, to ask her to please give them their rights. ‘Struth !! Read for yourself : We sympathise with Zille’s statement that the police’s reaction was akin to that of the police under apartheid. Yet it is ironic that Zille arrives at this realisation only after her own arrest. Several weeks ago, in the buildup to the public sector strike, the FXI wrote to Zille to protest the virtual blanket banning of gatherings… The FXI has also on numerous occasions protested against the illegal banning of gatherings and the excessive use of police force in gatherings. We hope that her arrest will make Zille more sensitive to violations of the right to protest taking place under her mayorship of Cape Town, and which she has failed to put an end to. And The Freedom of Expression Institute is extremely concerned that, in the recent past, the City of Cape Town has acted in a manner that has flagrantly denied the rights of people to gather and protest, essentially preventing them from exercising their right to free expression as enshrined in Section 16 of the South African Constitution. and It is necessary to add, Mayor Zille, that the City of Cape Town does not have the best reputation in the country in terms of its respect for the above sections of the constitution and the RGA. Indeed, in an ironic twist, a march on Human Rights Day – to call for the full implementation of all human rights contained in our constitution – was illegally proscribed by the South African Police Services in Cape Town, with the support of the Cape Town Metro Police. Words fail me.

Dear God Zille how Could You ?

helen-zille-32Says the Citizen Thurs 5 Feb 2009 Page 3 (gosh, was the pun intended) Todays Citizen catches the Tin Lady up to her usual tricks, having black people photographed around her on her whistle-stop tours of taxi ranks and shebeens in search of the perfect PR moment. Except this time, one of the targets has objected. By standing next to Zille he has become the face of the new DA, just like that ! “See dahlings they dooo love us sooo” Yes, so beware, if you see the Caped Crusader (excuse the pun) with her posse of private paparazzi, the best advice is duck or like one Sizwe Nguque, a community activist, you to may be forever bound to the rise of the new right.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

helen_zille1-thumb-500x3331Says Michael Suttcliffe, who today in the Daily News 9 February, accused Mrs Zille of complete untruths about the Durban bus situation. As he sees it she has deliberately fibbed about the sad sate of our Durban Transport. God knows things are bad enough here without Madam lying to make them worse. I suppose its to point out how overworked our transport system is in comparison to the great Cape rides. Well, Helen, perhaps thats because we provide transport for evryone here, not just ferry around tourists and bus street children out of the city limits. When you become Emperor, will you be bussing all the undesirables into Zimbabwe ?