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Previously published as The Deeply Undemocratic Dalai Lama or How PR made a despot into a hero:


The news tonight is full of shock, horror, and gasp at the fact that the Dalai Lama has been refused entry into South Africa. Oh yes, dear reader, people are in a flat spin that a man like the Dalai Lama, whose tireless crusade for a free Tibet, has captured the hearts of Hollywood and its voyeurs, has been denied entry to democratic SA, and it has caused an outrage.
Even our Bishop Tutu, has been dragged into the fray. The implication is that this is a deeply undemocratic act, one that our country has stooped too, on the back of pressure from the evil warlords of China, who seek to suppress freedom in Tibet.
Rubbish I say.
What this little episode in our political lives does illustrate however, is the deeply ignorant way both people and the media respond to public relations.
The Dalai Lama PR machine is good; it must be, for the world media refers to him always, as the “exiled spiritual leader of Tibet.” Oh yes from the New York Times to the Durban Daily News, he is the spurned, humble man, who struggles against the vast and still deeply evil Deus ex machinae of China. He who travels the world like a modern day Siddhartha, preaching peace, tolerance and democracy. Now that poor soul, dedicated as he is to opposing the evil regime in china, as well as the spiritual health of not just his nation, but the world, has suffered a snub, from South Africa.
How very dare we ?
The Dalai Lama, dear reader, is not just the spiritual leader of Tibet, with book deals and appearances on Oprah, no, he is the absolute ruler of Tibet, in Exile.
Yes, a theocrat, whose beliefs include not only the usual Buddhist stuff, but the absolute right to rule Tibet. He represents one of the greatest historical evils that you can find: Religious Rule.
Oh yes, on a fundamental level, his claim to fame is no more valid than your average jihading Ayatollah.
And the history of Lamas is scarcely better than that, to boot.
Ahh yes, under Dalai Lamas, Tibetans don’t get to vote, no, they get to accept a reincarnated leader, to whom they are absolute serfs. Not just serfs, mind you, but serfs who have, under all so called incarnations of Dalai, lived lives of abject poverty, and supplication to his Holiness, their boss, who occasionally ruled them as a child.
That such rubbish should masquerade in our 21st century under the guise of political right is an indictment upon us all. That it should do so without question from our media is beyond belief.
The First Dalai Lama
The First Dalai Lama
What is extraordinary, is that this totalitarian, autocratic, theocracy continued from 1391 –  1959. The current globetrotting, talk show guest, and best selling author is the 14th in a long line of absolute monarchs who ruled a poor country with iron fists, depriving their slaves of freedom, votes, and general rights, with impunity.
Nothing of course like the impunity of the current version, who jets around the world asking democracies to give him back his slaves, in between media appearances, because he is the reincarnated ruler and slave driver of Tibet, under the guise of spiritual leader.
What beggars belief here is that he gets away with this, and has a long line of brainless Hollywood sycophants like Richard Gere, as well as a self help, new age book line.
Of course, the debate is always obscured by the claims against China. And let me say, I am in no way in favour of any undemocratic rule. The simple problem here is that when people campaign for change, people who listen often never ask the simple question, “ What kind of change?”
The people who continually fete his Holiness, never seem to appreciate the simple fact that they play right into the hands of the very thing they hope to avoid.
I am left speechless.
In fact these very same newspapers are running articles about Jacob Zuma speaking at churches. There are side articles about politics and religion, and yet at the mention of a man with a history that makes Iran look like a picnic, with the kind of democratic insights reserved for Robert Mugabe, they all run to supplicate before this twit.
How can people, who speak about democracy, and campaign for human rights, back a man with such a history and philosophy? Can these people who demand that Tibet be restored to an Aristocratic Theocracy of absolute rule be serious. How can they possibly say this with a straight face?
Do they really believe that hundreds of years of dictatorship were implemented without violence and force?
Surely not?
Perhaps they believe the Hollywood idea of poor, selfless Buddhist monks ruling fairly and justly?
Benevolent dictatorship at best?
Perhaps they have never seen the Dalai Lama’s palace?
The House that the Dalai Lama wants back
The House that the Dalai Lama wants back
I suspect they just don’t know their history, and that they believe the outrageous lie that he is the spiritual leader of Tibet.
Surely not?