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Yes, dear reader, its true. Militant Islam has us in their sights. Why, you ask ? Well, so they can blow us up. And yes they are planning to use our shores for their next Jihad. Does it matter to these endlessly jihading, desert savage ideologues that our nation has always opposed Israel ? No. Does it matter that senior members of our government regularly rub shoulders with the luminary emissaries of Islam like our designer sunglass clad doyen of African unity, the ever present dimwitted leader of Libya ? No! Does it matter that we, South Africa, thanks to Mr Deedat, are the biggest exporter of the Koran in the World? No! Does it matter that women wearing dustbin bags regularly wander freely around our streets or that at 5 pm every night we get to hear the screeching wails of Imams in mosques with public address systems ? No!

This is not the USA, ladies and gents. This is not an invading country. No siree, we don’t occupy anywhere, other than Lesotho. In fact my town is home to the biggest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere. On top of all this, to add insult to injury, our government regularly supports Muslim and Arab issues. They too are sycophantic about Palestine and deeply anti-semitic, oops sorry, opposing Israel in favour of  Islam is not anti-semetic, its anti Zionist … silly me. Zionists are Jews who want a country, and thats well, just wrong. How very dare they.

This is not Mohammed, that would be illegal, this is his cousin Mohammed's son Mohammed Izaak.

Our constitution protects their religion, right down to letting them regularly print their religious tracts, demanding sharia law, dustbin bag fashion for women and the death of homos, and cartoonists and of course George Bush, from down town Durban no less. And let me tell you, our hate speech laws prevent us from making fun of Mohammed… blessed be his name ( i have to say that so that I don’t end up in the equality court.)

This matters nada !!

Downtown Durban South Africa

And who can blame them ? I mean what an opportunity for global terror.

Let me explain, before my public stoning:

The latest threat to South Africa has been uncovered by, guess who… the Americans. According to the Daily News here in Durban tonight the plot was to get back at Dutch people who might be at the world cup. Their crime? Drawing his holiness (blessed be his name) Mo!

Thats right, forget New York, its now Johannesburg. Our crime ? Letting the Dutch watch football.

Silly us !

What should alarm you is the response from the monkeys who run our security, and I quote :

“He (Vish Nadoo – police spokesman) said the only information South African officials had was from media reports.” – Daily News 19 May 2010

Despite this all tonight E News channel led with 6 other stories. The pink elephant was hardly mentioned.

Welcome to the baboon show.