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812-DAILYEDIT_ss_042209_32.standalone.prod_affiliate.138So, last night the Times carries an interesting front-page piece. Leading with a quote from Athol Trollip, which flew in the face of our wicked witch of the Western Cape. Ahh yes, Mr. Trollip said the following,

“I believe his (Zuma) position warrants respect. I come to this parliament with no baggage, and I’m going to give Mr. Zuma the same privilege.”

Just why this should make headlines here in the rainbow is a very interesting discourse on the lows to which the deeply divisive and idiotic Zille has dragged liberal politics to.

Lets face it; it’s a simple, respectful and quite common or garden attitude for any political opposition leader to have. Hell, its what you might expect.

Of course, here in SA where opposition politics is about Zille Cult and brutish stupidity, this caused a stir, simply because as Helen Zille plays politics, good manners are unforgivable, especially manners that show up her badly bred, foul mouthed, and petty self for what she is.

Perhaps Mr. Trollip, in his attempt to exercise some small professional independence from das fuehrer might have succeeded in his attempt, but he went even further by saying,

“I’m sure she will respect my position, but I’m not having the situation where the leader of the party has the chief whip of the National Assembly reporting to her and not to me…”a2009-02-26

That’s when Helen’s magic mirror cracked.

However, before we go to the West to consider the tantrum of her royal highness, let us consider the context of the above, and answer the question that begs to be asked.

Namely, how did this huge crack in the façade of  Zille’s fairyland happen?

The answer, dear reader, lies in Helen’s multitasking, megalomaniac, tin pot rule of the once democratic DA, now a shredded regurgitation of the old National Party.

Helen is Mayor, Premier, Queen Bee and Leader of the opposition, (soon to be general of the empire of the Cape ) even if she is not in parliament. In Helen’s DA she rules, and her dwarfs, well they work for her, period.

Silly Billy Mr. Trollip, he thought he was leader of the opposition in Parliament, just because he was elected there and stuff…

Boy was he wrong.

After being asked for comment, her highness feigned shock, horror and gasping gasp. She replied to the Times, “ He would never have done THAT.”

Never, never, no not even in never land.

Who knows what happened thereafter, but no doubt Mr. Trollip was hauled over the coals, and after Zille 3575threatened to turn him into a frog, he relented.

This morning the story from fairyland headquarters was that Ray Hartley and his staff at the Times had imagined the whole thing.

Ray Hartley, the Editor of the Times, now relegated to tabloid status by Zille and her Dwarfs had the following to say;

“Yesterday morning Trollip clearly had regrets, although he said in phone calls to two staffers at The Times that the story was spot on, it was the headline which took it too far.
By yesterday afternoon, Trollip’s regrets had gelled into outright denial and, with a straight if somewhat reddened face, he issued a statement under the grossly misleading headline: “Times report is grossly misleading”.Said he: “There has never been, nor will there ever be any difference of opinion on the meaning and substance of the DA’s opposition project. Both Helen Zille and I are fully committed to fulfilling our constitutional obligation of holding the government to account and offering the people of South Africa an essential political alternative.”

Trollip under-estimates the intelligence of his supporters if he thinks they cannot see through this sudden about turn.”

 And Ms Zille’s internet posse of minions was quick to paste her responses  for her on Mr Hartley’s well written and clever blog:


“Ray and his team has much to learn about journalism! They dont even know how to tell lies properly – let alone reporting on the truth! Haahaahaa”


“I warned that you and the Times were busy licking ANC arse since the election. This story with Trollip was another way of creating more bad news for the DA and giving the rabid ANC apologists more ammunition. Good grief, man, they are pretty good at inventing things without your adding to the fire.”


“I agree with the other people who have commented that this is a Dunce%20Cap%201really unwarranted attack on the DA. If anything it shows that Helen Zille was right to blame last week’s mess on the press, because it is clear they are out to get the DA. Heaven knows why because as other people are mentioning they prevented the ANC from winning two thirds, which means that the DA has done more to protect freedom of the press in this country than anyone else”

So now, the Times has fabricated a story, just to get at Silly Zilly and boost the ANC. Veteran journalists and their highly respected editor got together and plotted this, to defame and crack up the DA, because they are all closet ANC supporters or because they were bored ?

This ladies and gentleman, this is what I have been talking about for so long, this is the politics of idiocy!

Please man !