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The elections are over. Jacob Zuma is talking peace and reconciliation. The hand of friendship is extended, South Africa has shown itself to be a maturing democracy and then, well then there is Helen Zille…

_45682667_zille_afp_226Mrs. Zille, now premier of the Western Cape, had scarcely finished her cocktail and finger dinner celebration of so called victory when in an astonishing and deeply revolting moment, she pumped  up the volume in her constant campaign against Zuma and launched a verbal attack on our new president that quite frankly, beggars belief, yet again.

In what can only be described as a jaw dropping moment of inappropriateness, Mrs. Zille spat the following out over our national media, for all to see.

“Zuma is a self-confessed womaniser with deeply sexist views, who put all his wives at risk by having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman.”

Now while it is painfully obvious that Mrs. Zille is slightly more frigid and icy than Margret Thatcher, and on some deep level must be envious of people who actually have sex lives, this went more than a few steps to far.

The question that begs to be asked here is of course, what does she hope to achieve by this?

The elections are over this round, anyhow, must we conclude that Zille’s quest for power is so consuming that she has begun her campaign for emperor, already ?


Could this just be sour grapes ?20090414111449zille_stopzuma_poster_schalkvanzuydam_ap

Indeed, it certainly looks that way.

Does she not realize that she has just offended almost an entire country?

Perhaps she plans to secede.

The answer, dear reader, is I fear far worse than any of the above, and it lies not in this particular moment, but in the selection of her cabinet, in her new province.

You will remember, how Mrs. Zille campaigned on three tickets, mayor, president and premier. You too will recall, she did this under more than one name, which reminds me, is she not required to use the name on the list, which was, if you recall not Helen ZIlle?

Curious stuff, sublime actually if you consider that after losing the national ticket, she took a premiership.

Can you imagine the outcry if Jacob Zuma had lost the elections and taken Kwa Zulu Natal as a consolation prize?

It gets worse, because Mrs. Zille, obviously suffering from some botox side effects, announced that she would be using the Western Cape to launch attacks on the government.

This is Twilight zone stuff.

p6zille1604Never mind the contingencies of the new job, as far as Silly Zilly is concerned its just another platform to perform. Premiers aren’t supposed to destabilize the government. For God’s sake man, they are on the payroll.

This extraordinary performance, riddled as it is with ethical problems and sheer cheek seems to have gone largely unnoticed and uncommented on by our country’s media.

Mrs. Zille’s contempt for human rights is well documented, as well as her penchant for outrageous comments and vainglorious behaviour. Remember when she thought she could call in the Army to kill the Taxi drivers ? Do you recall her talking about Julius Malema’s penis? And of course who could forget her own struggle song “Dis Zille wat die wind laat waai”?



And now, dear reader, the very beginning of the consequences are here for all to see.

The selection of an all male cabinet, with only one token black is so deeply offensive that words fail me. A white majority, no women other than herself and one sole little black man in the wings. We have seen this before from Helen, when she nominated Seremane for president, and then relegated him to the shadows of her bombastic and stupid election campaign that treated us all to her botoxed visage, well airbrushed and tarted on every lamppost in town.20090409195433Zille_2_Werner_Beukes_Sapa

Over 50 percent of her electorate are women. Yet not a one gets representation, unless you include her.

Her response to the gender lobby and the general outcry was

“But in terms of my analysis, for what is needed I’ve got the best fit with the jobs and the people that I could.”

For that you should read,” out of a majority of blacks and women, all I could find was one black man who was competent.”

Please man.

Seriously though, this is the consequence of what I for a while now have been calling the politics of idiocy. The DA did not campaign on issues or promises, just hate, spite and karaoke. Now the voters of the Western Cape are finally introduced to the truth.

They voted DA, but they got something else indeed. From where I stand, it looks like the National Party is back ladies and gentleman, the only real difference is that their new leader is not as nice as PW Botha.

There will be more to come, of that you can be sure.

I hate to say it, but I told you so.