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So there I was, dear reader, just minding my business when an internet nut job, you know the kind, decided to lash out at me, for of all things, being a supporter of the new South Africa. Indeed. Now, whilst the internet is well beset by a posse of uneducated morons, armed with bad grammar and kindergarten philosophy, who daily spew their otherwise unpublishable new national socialism of pure whiteness, this particular pin brained fascist felt that she had a yet unconsidered angle on the very tired debate of race.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this particular commentator, who revels in her education in the “university of life and travel”, armed with a backpack and kitchen grammar feels that she has found a way around the slur of racist. Indeed, she, like her mentor, a shady and dubious wannabe intellectual called Dr Braun, have come up with an ingenious solution for all racist, white supremacists.
When called a racist, just redefine the term.
Finding blacks inferior, she says is not racism. No, not even a bit. You see, according to her, blacks know this. Its not racism, its a fact.
Promoting eugenics, and apartheid, thats not racism, its a matter of semantics, you see. Blacks know that whites are what they need.
The mind boggles.
I leave you with a quote from her doyen of  semantic idiocy:
“(1) Blacks cannot manage a modern industrial democratic society; (2)
blacks know this and would never think of denying it were it not for
white liberals insisting otherwise; (3) except for those black elites
who hope to take power, black rule is in no one’s interest, especially
not blacks; (4) blacks know this better than anyone and are terrified
of black rule.”
And this little gem from Ms Lara Jonstone:
In my honourable opinion; Dr. Gedaliah Braun has far more credibility than you can even dream of exists. He is a scientific scholar in the true sense of the word; as Donald Rumsfeld would say, he knows that there are many unknown unknowns, and on issues of race and psychological differences of races; he is searching for those truths. From me, he gets a salute!
But she insists she is not a racist.
Who dear, me dear ? Racist dear ? No dear ?
How very dare you ?
You see, it’s not racism, its, um, ethnic realism.
I called her a dumb fuck.
That was kind, I know.
Go figure !
Check it out now, the White Refugee site that is not racist. Its a new ideology of idiocy :
Don’t forget, it’s not racism.
Ps. This one is my favorite “I don’t hate Nazis…what would be the point ?” – Lara Johnstone


Sorry, silly me, thats not anti semitism, thats just semantics….
Utterly brilliant!
Of course, we have seen this sort of unbridled insanity before. It’s not new, and it sticks it’s ever self indulgent, and idiocy addled head up ever now and then. It’s the same as all of those revisionist idiots who insist that the holocaust never happened. And, if it were not so ugly, it would be amusing. Revisionism is not new.Whether it’s historical or grammatical, it’s the same revisionist crap. It’s not possible. It’s just Ms Johnston who moos about it, as if it was.

Stupid Cow !

The author sincerely apologises to all bovine.

Furthermore this article is subject to interpretation, it may be that you feel it is somewhat derogatory, but then your definition of derogatory as well as most words I use, are your own definitions, I choose to define my own words in terms of Dr Braun, who is a scientist and a respected source of something or nutting! So, no, but yeah, but no.

Am I bovvered ?