It’s lonely at the top, they say. I’m sure a particular man, heading up the IMF, knows all about that. I suspect he knows it well, saying the most unpopular things, like “The reform of the international monetary system is a large and complex. Thinking globally is only beginning. But everyone should recognize that this is not an academic question or abstract. We need concrete ideas. It is essential to ensure balanced and sustainable recovery that our world needs – and this is no less essential to prevent the next crisis.”
 It would be even more lonely if your view of a balanced and sustainable recovery excluded bailing out the rich. Very, very lonely.
It would probably be a bit of a desert if you suggested that “without jobs, without adequate income security for the citizen, there will be no rebound in domestic demand and ultimately not sustainable recovery.”
Especially dear reader, if you really were at the top.
But I bet you my parrot and the 100 dollars in my pocket that nothing is as lonely as a cell on Rykers Island.
Except realising that regardless of anything, when the deus ex machinae of the ugly state comes to call, and you realise your cause is lost, and that ultimately the world will accuse you, of things you never did, and those who believe you will be ridiculed as idiots and conspiracy theorists. When the cold hard reality of those you oppose comes knocking at your cell door, and you realise that the evidence will come thick and fast, well timed and elegant, financed and scripted to perfection, that your accusers will increase in credibility and power.
When, regardless of what you stand for, and what you have accomplished, you see, the might of your enemy.
Truth be damned, they will bay for your blood.
That is the loneliest moment.
Ask Dominique Strauss Kahn.
He knows.
The only real question, is why don’t you know this ?
What are you doing wrong?
Unless you are happy with this, in which case, what the fuck is wrong with you ?