Who Writes TheTroublemakerTimes?

The TroublemakerTimes is written by me, a lawyer, a dreamer, a writer,  an atheist,  and a classicist who champions art from its lowest to its highest forms, with a view that human nature has an inherently dangerous  aspect, especially the wilder, darker sides, reflected in sexuality and ambition. Who favours an education grounded in comparative religion, politics, economics, law, ethics and the literary canon, with a massive emphasis on history. Whilst the author is a firm believer in science, he doubts that it is the truth.
The author firmly holds the belief that robust, unedited and unregulated debate is unconditional in the arsenal of the intellectual.
The author further offers no apology for the simple fact that he is at times deeply conservative,  and madly liberal, and occasionally fanatical, and quite often just plain crazy. He is most fond of his insanity.
All posts are written in one shout, as it were, usually after a bottle of whisky, and he leaves them, unedited.

“..as for him, when you want a laugh, you will find him, in fine fettle, fat and sleek, a hog from Epicurius’ herd.”

Horace, Epistles, I, iv, lines 15-16

  1. Mike says:

    You liberal ANC loving coommunist types make me sick.

  2. Mike says:

    You liberal ANC loving coommunist types make me sick.
    Clearly you have a gripe with Zille and the DA who by all accounts have done a vastly better job running Cape Town than the ANC did.

  3. JP says:

    Well, Mike, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the ANC. I am not a liberal either. I’m happy though that I live in a country that allows you to be sick of people like me, I am happier too, to be able to make you sick.

    This blog has nothing to do with Helen Zille’s capacity to run Cape Town, but, rather her capacity as leader of the opposition.

    Oh, and as for the Communist thing, well, is that the best you can do ?

    I am no communist, if you read this blog, you will find me an impassioned defender of the USA.

    By the way its a communist, not a coomunist.

  4. JP says:

    As for having a gripe with Helen Zille, I have many, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sort of like her. This is politics mike, its about robust debate and criticism, not blind faith.

    If, as it appears, you have not the stomach for it, on account of your easily induced nausea ( I assume that’s the sickness I give you, not cancer) then perhaps you should confine yourself to more appropriate sites, like say spelling, or history, or ideology, then perhaps you won’t confuse secular humanists with communists or coomunists.

  5. I had no idea you owned a parrot.

  6. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Dear David

    Funnily enough, I don’t.

    But I will inherit one.

    My father owns a wonderful, neurotic African Grey, who pulls out his feathers and bites the hand that feeds him.

    Any one who approaches him/her (we are unsure) is bitten, or growled at.

    With one exception.

    Charlie climbs all over me, and coos and cuddles with me for hours.

    So, it has been decided, Charlie is mine , in the will.

    Whenever I arrive at my father’s home, he starts singing and behaving like a love sick teenager.

    He is, they say unpredictable, prone to inexplicable behaviour and extraordinary oddity, and not quite right in the head.

    Birds of a feather ?

  7. Mr. Roach says:

    Thanks for visiting and good luck down there. I wrote a piece on South Africa and how liberals in the West have ignored it since they achieved “victory” in 1990. So far not so good, sadly.

  8. Oh good grief says:

    Title of one of shortest books ever written:

    “Unpretentious Capetonians” by EXX XXXXXXXX

  9. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Yes indeed. I wrote it some time ago. Alas the page is still blank. Other short titles include:

    Good wine from the Cape.
    Real cheese in Cape Town.
    The long history of Gastronomy in the Cape.

    And my personal favorite:

    Clever things that Helen Zille said.

    Also, for the sake of grief, I shall be wiring a piece this week, just for you, called Cape Town, the African almost Riviera – All hat and no Cowboy.


  10. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Ps… If you know who I am, and you obviously do, why not say so. For my name, appears nowhere on this site, even more curiously, only I use that spelling and form, the traditional form is EXX XXX XXX XXX. More to the point, I never use the “E” preferring XX XXXXXXXXX, unless I am in court, which means you know me well. So why the pseudonym ?

  11. Ingrid Denzin says:

    Sorry about mentioning your name, but your infamy precedes you.

    Here are some other contenders for shortest book of the year:

    Ghosts and earthbound spirits, by Richard Dawkins
    Diplomacy, by Helen Zille
    The joys of polygamy, by Desmond Tutu
    The joys of monogamy, by Jacob Zuma
    Living and sharing in Langa, by Schabir Shaik
    Maids, madams and manners, by Carel Boshoff
    Origami made easy, by Julius Malema

  12. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Ps… keep an eye on Julius Malema

    He is no fool, of that I can assure you.

    He had a job, these elections, and he did it BEEUTIFULLY.

    Julius, hey bru, you made me laugh, you pushed the boundry of freedom of speech.

    Like Anne Coulter, you too are, a national treasure.


  13. CC says:

    Well, Im certain given your penchant for “voel” inheriting that parrot is going to be a hi light!! 🙂
    And as I recall we had a discussion this very weekend about the bird in questions un natural fondness for you… There are laws against things like that you know!
    Im not sure about the national treasure, but Jules certainly is GREAT value for money on the entertainment front!

    PS: I still think youre a wicked coomunist!

  14. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Dreadful queer you !

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