The Relative Theory of Truth or The Devil is in the Details or How Very Dare You ?

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Muslims and Jews are the same, they both come from the same place, the Middle East, they both share the same holy sites, they both have the same historical lands, they both wear those funny hats on their heads, they both have a monotheistic  faith, they both share the same  prophets, like Abraham and Moses, they both love Humus, its ridiculous … and they also both don’t eat pork … perhaps there is something in pork that calms you down”

The above was a comment made on a local comedy show I watch just last week here in the Rainbow Nation, and on the surface it is somewhat amusing.
Its not a new idea, you’ve heard it  before, in any one of its multiple regurgitated forms.
From dinner parties, and Johnnie Walker wisdom moments and after peace talk banter to South African comedy skits, with a few universities in between.
Its so obvious, isn’t it. So obvious. So funny and so obviously funny.
That’s why it’s part of a comedy show on Saturday  night, even though it’s more worn out than Steven Seagal.
A real Lamborghini tractor.
And it has resonance, and , yes, meaning too, just like Steven.
And as obvious as a pig farm in Jerusalem.
If only those Jews and Arab Muslims could get it, everything would be ok in the Middle East
“Familiarity breeds contempt.”
Just like Jews and Muslims, tractors and a supercars can be the  same. They both run on petrol , they both have 4 wheels, and they both need someone to drive them, and they share the same historical heritage, nationality, designers and engines and to add insult to injury they are both Lamborghinis.
For those of you who don’t know, Lambo make tractors too.
Ergo, they are the same, and tractor drivers ploughing it up in Idaho are equivalent to billionaire playboys eating up tarmac just outside Monaco, with the top down and a supermodel in the passenger seat at sunset.
They are both driving Lamborghinis.
You could say this anywhere  without fear, because dear reader, it is the truth.
Except for one small point.
Jeremy Clarkson would point out in one second  that you were an idiot.
It’s just not your Lambo, is it ?
Not at all, dear.
Not even a bit, dear.
What, dear ?
That, dear?
No, dear!
Never, dear!
That’s  a tractor, dear!
One is a work of art, the other is, well, a tool.
One is the epitome of desire, the other is, well…
Just a tractor?
And why, dear reader, why?
Well because truth is relative to the details.
The devil is always in the pesky details!
Like in the following photographs, one is a work of art , and the other is,well, you guessed it,  a tool!

Truth=Facts x Details2

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