Welcome to the new Censorship – Islam successfully draws a line on our freedoms!

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We shook hands, laughed and came to an agreement as only South Africans can.” – Iqbal Jassat United Muslim Front.

The week began with fire works, and you may, dear reader, have thought that the events unfolding from the Mail and Guardian publication of the prophet of Islam were a real example of freedom of speech, here on the shores of the rainbow nation. There were last minute attempts to use the legal system to gag the right to freedom of speech, which failed, then there were death threats and there were rumblings of the press in South Africa finally making a stand for freedom of speech.

With the High Court of South Africa backing the free speech rights of the South African citizen and Zapiro standing firm against threats and intimidation from vocal muslims and loony bloggers across the dark empire of Islam, perhaps this would be a defining moment -it was heady stuff.

And then in a moment free speech lost, or rather sold out.

After meeting with the United Muslim Front the Mail and Guardian capitulated. According to todays Daily News it was an “Amicable” solution, reached at the end of a “robust” meeting.

And what was this solution ?

Ha ! An unequivocal apology and the newspaper calling its exercising of its free speech rights , “regrettable” and a promise not to do it again !

The UMF was delighted (no doubt) saying,” common sense had prevailed.”

Just what common sense prevailed is anyone’s guess, perhaps the Mail and Guardian did not want to have a 747 flown into its head office. Who knows ?

The gentle folk from the UMF also wanted to assure South Africans that they “…did not want to curtail or censor the media, but rather draw a line on religious sensitivities.”

Dear God man, if the M&G were going to give up this easily why did they bother trying at all ?

So dear reader, the courts be damned, the constitution be rubbished and be afraid, be very afraid, your rights got trashed today by a bunch of jihading lunatics in frocks, and our free press said “Sorry!”


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