Well Bully for You Mr Cayzer

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I, like tens of thousands of young people, worked hard to get the Conservatives out of the 1997 election.” -Jon Cayzer

Curiously enough, but in true “liberal” colours the DA has taken a swipe at,of all people,the British electorate. Some DA hack who now runs transport in Cape Town, and is about to go to Harvard to study, no doubt handing over his brand, spanking new job to someone else, has produced an article praising Helen Zille (surprise) and granting the DA, the mantle of success that he is convinced Nick Clegg was after.

He’s been betrayed, you see. By people in the UK who don’t share his values.

Damn them!!

This little piece of self congratulatory rubbish languishes on the pages of my Natal Mercury this morning, and lords the “huge” success of the DA as an example to the obviously less sophisticated Clegg by offering pithy advice from the hallowed halls of DA power, and comparing Clegg to the IFP.

Now before you fall off your chair laughing, it gets worse. Mr Cayzer suggests that the Conservatives have marginalized “liberal values’ by co-opting the Liberal Democrats through trickery under the guise of compromise and cheated the British out of a real option for them to have a real party like the DA in South Africa, a la Zille.

Its curious, but the intellectual capital behind Mr Cayzer’s piece  revealed in this quote

“…the coalition is a betrayal of the NOBEL battle to ENTRENCH liberal values in British society.”

Shock, horror and gasp.

Yes, once again its obvious, liberals are right, their values are correct and they should be entrenched, by battle if necessary. Nothing about the will of the electorate. Its simple you see, people must be told what they want by liberals, who hold the moral high ground, and that battle is NOBEL.

What rubbish. Mr Cayzer ignores the most fundamental of his so called values. The one incidentally that is also a right, a fundamental right. The right to vote. Now that the vote has swung, and the outcome is not to Mr Cayzer and his ilk, its a betrayal.

Mr Cayzer fears that the Conservative party will “revert to type.”

I certainly hope so.

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