Excusing Islam the New York Times Way

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Robert Write, the New York Times Columnist has a bone to pick with Daniel Pipes. He thinks that Islam is not the cause of terrorist acts, like the recent car bombing in New York. Not only does Write have another soultion, he sarcastically posits another universe :

“In the universe I’m positing, the following scenario is conceivable:

A Pakistani guy moves to America, goes to college, gets a job, starts a family. He grows unhappy. Maybe he’s having financial problems (though I’m skeptical, for reasons outlined by Charles Lane here, that Shahzad’s home foreclosure actually signifies as much); or maybe the problem is just that he doesn’t find his social niche. And maybe he was a bit unstable to begin with — which would make it harder to find his niche and might intensify his reaction to not finding it.

Anyway, for whatever reason, he feels alienated in America. He stays in touch with people and events back home in Pakistan, and this gives him another reason to dislike America: American drones are firing missiles into Pakistan, sometimes killing women and children.”

From there its a jump, skip and a hop to the conclusion …. complexity of reasons, a myriad of issues, difficult circumstances are what makes a terrorist, not Islam !!!!

No, never Islam.

I’m afraid he misses the point, and badly too, because, its not about what led the disgruntled nut job to the feet of Allah and his Jihad answer, but the fact that Islam provides a moral framework for the terrorist act.

Why all this obfuscation of the issue ?

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