Will there be another Attack from Jihad or Truth, Denial, Fatalism and Calm before the Storm

Posted: June 6, 2009 in Articles
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Part 4 of 6 – Obama and the war on terror.

Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world,” Baitullah Mehsud –  Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP)


These were the words that were spoken over the phone to the Associated Press, by Mr. Mehsud. Terrifying and direct, words that should send a chill down your spine. Yet, despite this, the response from FBI spokesperson Richard Kolko, who said that they were not aware of any threat. He added, “He has made similar threats in the past.”


It’s a mantra now, “we are not aware of any specific threat”, and too, I suspect that it is made with the intention of calming people and not causing them any alarm.  However, it is a statement that warrants a closer look. Much closer. For in fact, rather than quell fears, I think, it should seriously alarm people.

Consider for a moment the simple fact that in the above scenario, there is a threat. A very real threat, communicated to the US, and the response is “we have no SPECIFIC threat” Then ask the question, when will they get a specific threat?

The answer will be of course, “after the event.”

It’s a conundrum that played itself out in the media after the 9/11 attacks, the allegation that the security forces were aware of a pending attack, but did nothing. This posited against the response that, while they were aware generally, it was impossible to foil all attacks. And here it is, dear reader, parading its ugly self past us on an almost daily basis.

If you read the reports, and you read the analysis from CIA to Academia, you will see one salient point emerging that is that there will be another attack, on American soil.  Let me go even further and suggest that you need only watch the news and the various “Jihad” and “Islamist” protests, and you too, will have no choice but to conclude that, there will be another attack, at least that’s what they want.

Why, they even phone up the press to let them know.muslimssignholocaust

What do the American institutions, set up to protect the land say in response, “ We have no SPECIFIC threat.”

Perhaps all this fussing about specifics is pointless ?


Faced with the possibility of an American Hiroshima, many Americans are paralyzed by a combination of denial and fatalism. Either it hasn’t happened so maybe it’s not going to happen or, if it is going to happen, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Both propositions are wrong. Citizens must press their elected officials to adopt a clear agenda for action and then hold them accountable for following through.
” – Graham Allison, director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and former U.S. assistant secretary of defense.


The problem faced by the American Institutions is that, in order to defend the USA internally they need specifics, they need details and they need to act on those in order to foil an attack, they cannot act without such, which functionally means that it becomes a numbers game.

By numbers game, here, I mean simply an issue delineated only by odds, in that there is a general threat against the US every day, of an attack, that in many ways may be calculated to have even greater impact than that of 9/11, however it follows that one can only prevent an attack that one is specifically aware of. When the infrastructure and institutions dedicated thereto respond, they must do so on clear intelligence, and thereby stop the attack, the better equipped and sophisticated such organs are, the better the chances that an attack will be foiled. However, in an environment where attacks continue over a long period of time, the odds dictate, that sooner or later, one will get through any defense.

The crisp issue that emerges here, and it’s a terrifying one, is that sooner or later, the US will fail to prevent, and the attack will happen.

If we accept that there will be another attack, and too, we accept that at some point we will be unable to stop it by conventional means, does that not then simply mean that we must find an alternative method of prevention?

I think it does.

I think Obama does too. And I think that that is what is behind the current approach, that has been so evident after Mr Obama’s speech in Cairo, this week.

The only real question, is will it work ?

There are now only two simple options, Either the “Muslim” world accepts the Obama offer of partnership and “shared” values, or there is another attack.


Which one will it be?

  1. What What What says:

    Obama’s strategy of of “shared values” and peace is only going to work if he actually takes some direct action, rather than just using the words he is famous for.

    A good way of showing support and shared values to the middle east would be to take a hard line approach against Israel, instead of condoning their genocide of the Palestinians. He should also prioritise the extraction of US forces from the middle east and allow them to sort their own problems out, they are tired of constant US interference and threats.

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