For Mr Max Du Preez and and anyone else who has had their pearls cast before swine.


pigsIf you, like me, keep abreast of the regular commentators in South Africa, then you too would have come across one Max Du Preez. And if you know anything, then you know that Mr. du Preez, whether you like him or not, has a large readership, and too, you will find him on the internet and newspapers published nationally. In fact I dare say that, if you read in South Africa, sooner or later, you will read him.

Which, in and of itself, says very little, other than, as commentators go, Mr. du Preez is well accomplished. He is too, incisive and well written; it is obvious from even a cursory reading that the man, is educated, well considered and eloquent. He is too, hardly controversial. In fact, you may consider him, pretty mainstream, and well regarded in media circles.

Occasionally I agree with him, and sometimes, not. I too, make a point of reading him, never does he inspire me with rage or delight, this is not his platform. The proliferation of ideas that may or may not be outrageous and extreme, along with inflammatory penmanship, are not the style of Mr. du Preez..

So it is understandable, when you read his latest piece on News24, as well as a piece he wrote in some newspaper I read a few weeks ago, in some plane over our beloved country, that he expressed shock at the extreme responses he found himself getting on the Internet.

Twice now, I have felt his pain, as I read with amusement, and some delight, his experiences with the lunatic fringe of keyboard defamers who prowl the internet at night looking for someone, God, please anyone,  to spit their ignorant vitriol at, and if they can’t they will settle their moronic, ultra idiocy-addled, ignorant, self indulgent and unbelievably stupid, twisted and delusional selves on your comment box. For if the mountain won’t go to them, they will damn well go and piss on its borders.

I too, have to deal with this band of morons who feel that because they can write (badly) and have access, they have something they call “their right to their opinion.” Which they bash and batter each and every commentator with from behind Avatars and pseudonyms.

Oh yes, I too, have had to sit back in complete incredulity after reading what can only be described as the ranting of a 7 year old who has overdosed on Ritalin, or the psychotic babble of some lunatic who has been given internet access at his asylum as part of therapy.

I have been called so many names, by bitter and terribly stupid idiots, who stumble between bad grammar and idiotic opinion, and insist that I am an idiot who simply cannot see the facts.

I too have even attempted the impossible, to engage these anonymous but for their internet ego, philosophical truck drivers and garbage collectors who shed their ignorance at night and cruise the anonymous information highway looking for anyone to batter to death with their insane combination of half facts, stupidity and right-induced moronity.the-dunce

Occasionally our gang of cyber crawling intellect free idea bashers are represented by intellectual cyber terrorists, who, due to the makeup of the world have retreated to the dark anonymity of cyberspace to promote their ideas, long since debunked by public intellectuals.

I speak here of the organized and deeply troubled white supremacists  of sites like Kill Whitey, ZASUCKS, and I luv SA  but I hate my Government. Ever vigilant , these cross-burning, JavaScript warriors of white supremacy take the entire game to a new level. With giggly delight, safely tucked away in cyberspace, behind the complex web of jurisdictional avoidance by international ISP loopholes, they ply their trade.

Their trade of course is the organisiation of their lonely, stay at home, jobless, or recently employed janitorial mates with dreams of intellectual capacity into a united front of stupidity and cyber mugging.

These social rejects canvass and cow tow to the lunatics on the web, drawing them together in their campaign to unite stupidity and hatred into organized gangs of revisionist twits with revolutionary ideals and nazi-esque opinions, dressed as politics..

dunce_cap-smallSo it is with little surprise that the skirmish of pearl trampling swine at Mr. du Preez’s feet has now been elevated into a full scale cyber jihad  attack from the pathetic and ever growling libidinal forces of the hidden hatred of the posturing devotees of 19th  century social Darwinism, now armed with 21st Century anonymity and internet access.

It began with innocuous comments like :

Hi Max

06/05/2009 12:47

I’ve never been a fan of yours because I could never understand that you can’t see the light. Today , I see the light she’s coming. Good luck through this journey.

And before long, it was just a hop skip and a jump to the land of Mr. Doberman and his dreadful posse at ZA Sucks and I luv SA. Delighted by their desperately stupid (again) misinterpretation of Mr. du Preez, they launched the salvo.

Now, safely behind computer screen and Avatar, the deeply ugly and psychotic Bertie called Mr. du Preez a;

“gormless plastic blow-up & disposable fuckslut of bulging black dicks.”

And then, from his socially consigned gutter, he  suggested, after using his tired thesaurus, that Max was,kkk-hat

An unprincipled bottom-feeding piece of self-hating excrement who made name for himself as a vociferous pro-Communist buffoon, Du Preez’s undisguised slanderous anti-White hate speech is regularly trotted out by third rate fish wrap papers such as The Star, Sowetan etc. Whenever the Marxist-infested simian regime needs to viciously lash out at the Whites they so envy, but fear being called “racist” lest the stock markets shed more points, Max is the hatchet man who will eagerly do their dirty work, as if anything penned by this mendacious scumbag is taken seriously by thinking Whites.”

And finally called for him to kill himself,

“..go park your car somewhere out of sight, shove a hosepipe into the exhaust & the other end into the slightly opened back window and step on the gas boet. Admittedly not a graceful, elegant end but in your case quite fitting- how else can a double-crossing apostate with a disgraceful, perfidious and dishonorable career be terminated other than in obscure, shameful ignominy?”


pagliaWhat inspires these idiots and their newly organized internet guerilla leaders is the simple fact that they have some form of anonymity. You will not hear this stuff anywhere else, it is the terrible result of the dubious right of internet anonymity.

And, Max, just in case you feel the pinch, let me point you to when a piece by Camille Paglia, Emeritus Proffessor of English at Pennsylvania University, the celebrated author of Sexual Personae,pictured to your left, whose contribution to literature, political analysis and 20th Century critique is nothing short of tremendous, and incomparable in scope, design and insight, was thrown in pearly style before the internet swine.

Words from a woman and an intellect  who has been lauded by intellectuals around the world as something of a genius, whom the Washington Post Book Review called “…remarkable, courageous, fanatical and brilliant.”

Despite the fact that Ms Paglia’s magnum opus is well out of their intellectual reach and surely absent from their pulp fiction stocked bookshelves, in less than an hour, hundreds of  people, clad in internet anonymity, called her an ignoramus, an idiot and a fool.


The thing, you see, is that because of the anonymity of the internet in the 21st Century, when you cast your peals before swine, the pigs talk back.




I have had my own dealings with our dunce clad, endlessly fulminating, anonymous, internet KKK, wannabe idiots , you can read my response on that occasion here:

back_off_doberman_rebel_flag1klu klux klanning around – the south african franchise or have you met the idiots at i luv sa, but i hate my government?

  1. Wine lover says:

    If there’s any justice in this world, this lot should all get swine flu.

  2. RM says:

    cow-tow = kow-tow

  3. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Indeed thanks, but it seems to be a spellcheck thing …. kow became cow. Funny enough, it also turns out that its not hyphenated… so i shall correct to to kowtow.

  4. Ms.Unknown says:

    The Klu Klux Klan are the people that are really creepy to me. very creepy. At first, I thought they were ghosts, but ghosts are invisable. GB.

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