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All of a sudden this piece has attracted attention again. It was my first, so I republish it with a great deal of pride.

Yes thats it




Back when the Democratic Alliance actually resembled a political party, you may recall, when they had a full time leader, who wasn’t also the mayor of a city, part time idiot, and vigilante impersonator, it had a significant support base as well as a vital role to play in our fledgeling democracy.


Whatever your politics, and whatever you may or may not have thought of Mr Tony Leon, you had to admit, his was a serious ticket. That he was an astute politician is ably demonstrated by the very smart positioning of the official opposition in the last few years, before it was hijacked by the lunatic fringe .


Faced with the reality of the end of the white vote as a vote for power, Mr Leon crafted a place for white middle  voters of liberal persuasions. He sold them the idea that while they could never have power, they could make a meaningful vote to check power. Smart, eloquent, defiant and dressed for Corporate success, Mr Leon managed to convince people who even had ANC sympathy to vote DA, at a time when to all intents and purposes, their vote had lost more value than a 2008 Hedge Fund.


It was simple, it was smart, and it sounded like this :


“ The ANC will win, it will always win, the D A has no aspirations of power, we wish to be the official opposition. Even if you might vote ANC, your middle class vote (black or white) for us, the thinking man’s party is a vote for DEMOCRACY, because that’s what this great country needs, a strong opposition, and best of all it’s within our reach, now your vote can have not just value, but the greater value of being a vote for the values of democracy. And its your responsibility as an educated, middle class, liberal to do so. We can be the official opposition. ”


And he delivered it in spades.


Now the tide has turned.

Gone is the considered opinion of Mr Leon and his ilk, no more carefully worded speeches, or well crafted responses, this is now the age of Zille, whose gift to liberal politics in South Africa is power hungry madness , complete with Maggie Thatcher hair do, and iron lady rhetoric, and moment after moment of carefully choreographed pictures with her swamped by so called black supporters, always in the centre, always smiling, always dressed like she was just on her way to lunch at the Saxon, when she happened to stop at a taxi rank for a chat.


The new image of township travelling Zille, dancing and laughing with the very people she strives to keep off the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is astonishing PR, but what makes it amusing, is that she expects us to believe it. What, however makes it hilarious, is that it  she believes it herself.


Yes, let me say it, Mrs Zille thinks the DA is going to run South Africa. Seriously. And without a coup. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. She certainly has been. Wait, it doesn’t end there, she thinks the DA is a representative party, perhaps her glasses need an upgrade, surely she can see who’s sitting in at her rallies. Then again, who can say what insanity goes on behind the closed doors of the DA.


It’s a new age ladies and gentleman, and for the DA, white is the new black.


When Mrs Zille isn’t relocating street children in that last refuge of white flight she calls home, or leading lynch mobs to the doors of suspected drug dealers, or throwing mud at any one who fails agree with her grandiose vision of the new New South Africa with Mary Poppins on crack at the helm, or making obligatory cameos at taxi ranks and shebeens,  you will find her writing for such luminary liberal rags as the Citizen newspaper or pontificating about the next president of South Africa being a criminal. (Personally I suspect she may also be designing her new Imperial Palace from which she will run both South Africa and Cape Town.)


Reading the Tin Lady’s various contributions and constant diatribes against the man she loves to hate, you may be forgiven for wondering what happened to liberal party values, and cornerstone principles like the right to be innocent until proven guilty had been forgotten by the new DA, but you’d be wrong, they haven’t been forgotten, just cast aside along with common sense and everything else the DA once stood for.


I note with interest the very upset tone from her now with regard to the return of Mrs Mandela, and it seems obvious why, you see, Winnie has the support of black women in this country, and there are more of those than any other voting group.


Curiously enough it appears from her column in today’s Citizen, frothing and spitting and yelling criminal at the ruling party, that the only thing she is worse at than politics, is writing.


Singlehandedly Mrs Zille has turned the opposition vote into a joke, no doubt the ANC is rubbing its hands with glee at the prospects, I for one will be voting for them, if only to keep Zille out.