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crossThe curious double speak and deep hypocrisy of the media and its ancillary voices was on full display this week in South Africa, if you took the time to notice.

This was a week that, the Dalai Lama was refused entry to a peace conference in South Africa. It too was the week that Arch Bishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu took on the South African government, and individual politicians.

It was a week to be proud of.

That Bishop Tutu is still around, with his eloquent and potent criticism of our Government, just like he was during those years of struggle against Apartheid, was heartening to see. That our great defender of democracy remains untainted by the real politick that touches us all and especially the new ruling, black elite, is cause for great pride.


Democracy is alive and well in SA.

And the papers lapped it up.

Which is why, dear reader, I am troubled b y those very same papers running articles about Rhema Church and Zuma. Not just any newspapers, mind you, that premier rag that is possibly the finest newspaper in our Rainbow Nation, The Mail and Guardian.

I remember, back in our old, police state, when the Mail and Guardian ran piece after piece about the fabulous Bishop of the Anglican Church. When the State media used to enjoin all South Africans to separate politics and church, and of course politics and sport, and too, politics and theater, and dare I say it, politics and common sense.

They loved Tutu.

They still do, having run all sorts of pieces, and columns deriding the Government for barring his Holiness, the Prada clad, Dalai Lama, from coming to SA.

They love the Dalai Lama, although God only knows why.

If you read this rag before, you would know what I think of his Hollywood Holiness.

I however am mad about his real holiness, Desmond Tutu.

In fact, Desmond Tutu had a major impact on my life, when he came to speak at my school, amid protests galore from all, but they could not stop him, for mine was a private Anglican school, and he was the head honcho of all Anglicans.

He said that day, a short sentence that changed my life. He said, “ We do not fight for black freedom, we fight for Freedom.”

It is a phrase that I have taken to heart.

He is sort of a hero to me.

And I am not a Christian.

I am an atheist.

Yet his influence on me, and that of his church, has been nothing short of profound.

The same is true of this nation; we are in deep debt to this great man.

We still are.

We owe our democracy to people like him.

The contribution of the Church is enormous.\

When I was still at school, I remember when the Bishop of Grahamstown lay down in front of bulldozers that were about to displace people. On the ground. His life in the hands of the mad destroyers of the apartheid government.

They too told him to keep politics out of the church.

Which is why it amazes me that the Mail and Guardian should publish an article entitled “Keep Politics out of the Pulpit.” (JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA Mar 30 2009 14:45)

After lauding the Lama, and running the Bishops comment. After column after column of unquestioning allegiance to the Dalai Lama and his cause.

Buddhists and Anglicans can talk politics, but not evangelicals.

What kind of rubbish is this?

Of course politics belongs at the pulpit.

Don’t Christians vote

Does their morality not count?

What this reveals, is that when Churches tow the line, and say what the Mail and Guardian like, they get lauded. Invite the wrong person, and you are in a whole heap of trouble.

I for one am getting sick and tired of this growing intrusion on freedom of speech, and now by no less than the newspaper that used to publish blank spaces in its text when the mad Afrikaner Government used to censor them.

In a Democracy, especially one with a large Christian segment, there can be no more important place for politics than the Church; otherwise we succumb to the Marxist idea that “ Religion is the Opiate of the Masses.”

What doesn’t belong in the pulpit is the restriction of the Media.

Churches have every right, if not duty, to engage in politics.

The Media dont like Ray, but how does that give them the right to tell him who to let into his church.

The Media dont like Ray, but how does that give them the right to tell him who to let into his church.



I hope they never stop.

This new restriction on freedom of speech, aimed at churches that they don’t agree with, by our media, with the M&G in the front line  is a shocking intrusion on the rights of very many South Africans.

The only thing that should stay out of our churches, is the Media.

They have declared their bias.